George Asteri’s work for Pegasus Marketing was brilliant. He was always professional, on time, courteous, effective and efficient. In short, I would recommend George Asteri without reservation!
Matthew Tuck

President, Pegasus Marketing

Your reading of the H.G. Wells tale “The Time Machine” that was included in my book, “The Art of Voice Acting,” is an excellent example of how an audio book narrator can literally breathe life into a story. Your story-telling style, your ability to understand the drama of the words, and your talent for creating “Theater of the Mind” all go toward making your section of the chapter on Audiobooks an outstanding contribution to my book as a whole, and a useful tool from which others can learn. Thank you!

James R. Alburger

Author, "The Art of Voice Acting"

Professional service, Top Quality!
Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
Prompt Turn-around
Recordings for projects less than 2-minutes in length are normally delivered within 24 hours. Delivery for longer recordings will vary depending on the type of project.
Broad Vocal Range
As a Shakespearean trained actor, George Asteri can portray many styles, ranging from a conversational “guy next door” to an authoritative narrator.
Easy to Work With
If you’re looking for a voice actor who really knows acting… and is easy to work with… you’ll love working with George Asteri.
More than just a voice actor!

George Asteri has been acting for his entire life. His versatility as an actor can be seen in the wide variety of work he has done, as well as by the depth and breadth of the professional training he has received and the training he has given to his many students.

As a voice actor, George has voiced national, local and cable commercials, shared his narration talent with a large Michigan school district film production, narrated for audiobooks, and has made several recordings for Internet clients.

“”George has also performed in many recorded radio theatre productions, stage plays, one-man stage performances, and has appeared in several films. His voiceover and narration talents extend to professional performances to read sonnets and biblical verses and portray expert witnesses in legal depositions read “live” to judges, lawyers, and jurors in Michigan courtrooms.

As a Shakespearean trained actor, George has performed on stage with notable stars Christopher Walken in “Richard II,” and Nicholas Pennell in “Richard III.” He has also played leading roles in many stage plays, including Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and “The Tempest.”

A Partial List of Clients:
Personal Power Press “Dissolving Toxic Masculinity” (Audible) – Thomas Haller (author) – Narrator

Code Film Inc. – Thomas Rickert – Voiceover

Ibrahim Productions – Muhammad Ibrahim – Narrator

VGT Virtual Field Trips, Ltd. – Dale Peterson – Narrator

VoiceActing Works – James R. Alburger – Audiobook

Timber-town Discount Furniture – Pegasus Marketing – Spokesperson

The Listening Room – Tom & Marilyn Rodammer – Voiceover